Don't throw it out, create a Rebot!

Our mission is to reform the education and learning with our cost efficient and environmentally friendly robot builder kit where the limit is only our creativity.

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Multi stage programming experience!

For the Total Beginners, Art lovers, Math addicts, Superheroes, Mini scientists, Hardcore developers, Experimenting musicians, Tireless inventors.


We started our project back at 2013. The goal was to create an affordable, environmentally friendly robot-builder-kit which is not as limited as the ones on the market, so you can create anything you dreamed of! This is when the "Don't throw it out, create a Rebot" slogan first appeared.

We went to workshops / contests / tech-exhibitions all around Europe and tested our product. It was fascinating when this project got a lot more popularity in just a few months. This is not just for programming - this builder kit encourages designers and musicians too, to build extraordinary installations. The kids can learn Math, Physics, IT, Biology easily, because when we play and learn at the same time, we can remember more in an effective way!

This kit is not just for kids and teenagers. We worked with university students, to create computer-vision and machine-learning based robots. 2-bit operating system can be a real thing now! We made thousands of different, creative robots.

Now, after all these years of testing and polishing, we would like to make it accessible for anyone!

Unlimited Creativity, Unlimited Fun

Check out what you can do with this robot builder kit!


With the help of this kit it is much more easier to teach and learn various subjects


Environmentally friendly and cost efficient. Recycling can be really awesome! Just grab a few empty bottles and you are ready to build a robot

Android App

Just install the app and you can create your first program for a Rebot


You can create programs on your desktop with the Scratch application. It is a widely used educational program where you can learn programming


Are you looking for a something more? With the Python API you can create stunning programs. You can use Computer Vision and Machine Learning too

Fully tested

From 2013 we held a lot of workshops for kids, teens and university students and we developed this product based on those experiences

Learn to build.
Build to learn.

With the help of this kit everyone can learn about Programming, Design, Physics, Math, Music.

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Yes, as you can see we are a father & sons team!

Ákos Vecseei

Ákos VecseiFounder

Gábor Vecsei

Gábor VecseiCo-Founder

Péter Vecsei

Péter VecseiDesigner